How democratic is Latvia. Audit of Democracy

  • Autors:Juris Rozenvalds
  • Organizācija:University of Latvia
  • Gads:2005
  • Valoda:Latvian, English


The methods of International institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) were used as the basic for the assessment of the democratization process of Latvia’s society.

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The method used in this Assessment involved answers to more than 70 questions about various areas of social life, which, according to the IDEA’s understanding of democracy, were grouped into several large selections of questions.

The first section „Citizenship, Law and Rights” includes questions about political nation and citizenship, rule of law, civic and political rights, as well as economic and social rights.

The second section of Assessment – „Representative and Accountable Government” is dedicated to issues od free and fair elections, the role of political parties in a democracy, the effectiveness and accountability of administrative structures, civic control over army and police, as well as the decreasing of corruption.

The third section of Assessment – „Civic Society and Public Participation” looks at the issues of the role of the media in society, political participation, the responsiveness of administrative structures and the decentralization of public administration.

Considering the ever increasing influence of international factors on democracy development, the Assessment has provided for a separate section dedicated to the international dimensions of democracy, which would deal with questions of external factor influence on state politics and state support for democracy development abroad.

How democratic is Latvia. Audit of Democracy

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