Activities of broadcasting channels during the municipal elections of 11 March 2001

  • Autors:A.Runcis, A.Balode, O.Balodis, T.Bogusevica, A.Burciks, J.Dubrovskis, R.Konovalenko, J.Radus, J.Upmalis
  • Organizācija:National Radio and TV Board
  • Gads:2001
  • Valoda:Latvian


The subject of the research was the monitoring and evaluation of the programmes of various TV channels with respect to the amount of pre-election agitation, its objectivity and aptness.

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Methodology used in the research combined the qualitative and quantitative method of data gathering and analysis or content analysis.

The focus of the monitoring lay on the direct and possible hidden advertising in both LTV channels, LNT and TV3. As cases of hidden political advertising, researchers understand broadcasting of made-up 'pseudo events' with participation of political parties and/or politicians included in various informative, educational, entertaining programmes or programmes made for certain social groups, without indicating that the broadcasting time has been paid for, at the same time ignoring the principle of proportionality and balance.

The analysis of the information broadcast during the pre-election period shows that in order to acquire control, the political powers employ a very wide spectrum of tools. The main focus is not put on separate stories, but rather on creating a sort of ‘pseudo-reality’ where the whole information space is occupied by a dominating political party in the particular channel or several parties

Activities of broadcasting channels during the municipal elections of 11 March 2001

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