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21st century campaign community: 38 degrees 


Our take on campaign body "38 degrees" Read

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From nation-states back to city-states 


Perhaps we have been focusing on the wrong patient. Instead of looking for remedies to make nation-states more democratic, perhaps we should re-focus on cities as the locus of our political activity? Read

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Search for the common good: Citizens UK 


The Living Wage campaign, started by London Citizens in 2001, is a prime example of what can be achieved when the goal of politics is set to achieving a common ground. Read

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Toolbox of participation for Latvia 


In our articles, we are always trying to illuminate the most interesting and innovative new practices (or tools if you will) that make democratic participation easier and more effective, especially if they entail an online or e-participation element. But since we are based in Latvia, I always have a question popping up in the back of my head – would this initiative work in Latvia? What obstacles would it meet and how could we overcome them to integrate these new tools in our existing system? Read

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Ask the EU 


One thing that’s great in the community of e-democracy activists is their openness to sharing their innovations. Read

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Planning alerts 


Our take on a planning permission website "Planning Alerts". Read

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Open contracting partnership 


Government purchases of goods and services – a huge industry estimated to be worth ‘between 13% and 20% of GDP on average worldwide’ (OECD) made with public funding for the public good. Yet it remains as one of the more opaque state operations.

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Corruption in Estonia 1

Author:Valts Kalniņš

Background paper analysing the successes and failures of Estonia’s anti-corruption policy.

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The whole world joining hands? AVAAZ petitioning 


Avaaz – which means voice in several languages – has indeed become one of the most vocal online political participation platforms in the world.

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Participatory budgeting 


We can be quick to judge our fellow citizens’ apathy when it comes to politics. Especially when we have reasonable grounds for being disappointed.