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Healing without the bars 


The whole community is the winner in the event of successful conciliation, because the number of prisoners decreases and there is an economy of taxpayers’ funds. Read

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Estonian Juvenile and Restorative Justice System 


In modern legislation, children are viewed as a vulnerable group and several measures have been introduced to protect the children due to the special needs arising from the specific nature of their development. This also applies to the Juvenile and Restorative Justice System in Estonia. Read

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Correct and timely information - less crime 


One of the most significant obstacles to effective prevention is lack of information and ineffective communication among the involved services as well as the weak link with the community. Read

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Chronicles of a ‘Failed State’  5

Author:Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis

People in power often choose their entourage (public officials) by attaching a large weight to loyalty and near zero weight to competence. It is natural for politicians to seek loyalty. However, when competence gets neglected, the results can be disastrous. And that’s exactly why the disaster has happened. Read

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We have more energy than we need 

Author:Artjoms Konohovs

It’s a question of changing your mind from the ground to the atmosphere, from restricted resources to intellectual property. Read

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Wallerstein: The Origins and Outcomes of the Global Economic Crisis 


"We are in a depression. And that is just the beginning,” says the world-famous profesor of sociology Immanuel Wallerstein. What awaits the world? Read

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A Matter of Trust 

Author:Ksavjē Lands

Trust is much easier to undermine that it is to create, and, in general, we are much better off in a society where we are able to trust one another than in one in which we are not. Read

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Devil in the detail of government restructuring plan 

Author:Iveta Kažoka

If implemented, the new government restructuring plan could significantly reduce transparency and civic participation in government decision-making. Read

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Say ‘sorry’, dear bureaucrat 

Author:Iveta Reinholde

I believe that in order to consolidate society it is crucially important for the public administration to admit its mistakes and to state its willingness to reduce the impact of these mistakes. Read

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“Nothing Special”: The Economic Crisis in Latvia 

Author:Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis

A prudent government would have kept a cap on its spending and invested into reserves in order to cushion the inevitable heavy blow that would follow the 'credit orgy'. The Latvian government did none of it Read