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Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: in search of common interests 51


A study of Institute of Public Affairs presented and discussed in Riga on 25 November, 2015. Read


Asylum seekers in Latvia 

Author:Marija Golubeva, Marta Riksa

Background paper including unique data from October and November 2015 about asylum seekers currently staying or having already left the Mucenieki centre for asylum seekers in Latvia. Read

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Asylum seekers in Latvia: data, challenges and policy 62


Presentation includes an analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of the Latvian action plan to welcome asylum seekers, as well as unique data on asylum seekers in the reception centre “Mucenieki”. Read

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Keeping strong internally through external borders 105


Video from the Riga conference 2015 conversation on the existential crisis of the European Union caused by the current migration flows. Read

Re imagining democracy (10)

Thunderclap - is "the louder, the better" when it comes to social activism? 


Our take on crowd-speaking platform Thunderclap. Read

Re imagining democracy (11)

Bite the ballot 


Getting young people to vote: how UK based movement is empowering young people to vote in elections by educating them on government. Read

Re imagining democracy (12)

Debating Europe 


Our take on online debate platforms like Debating Europe and their potential. Read

Re imagining democracy (13)

Building the European democracy in the web or how to engage citizens in politics? 


Nothing makes the idea of transnational democracy more real than the European Parliament. Read

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Process-tracing study report on Estonia 3

Author:Valts Kalniņš

A study providing insights into some of the anti-corruption reforms undertaken and the roles of their proponents.

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Report on organized crime in the European Union 2


How effective are criminal law measures targetting organized crime? A study commissioned by the European Commission, with the involvement of PROVIDUS. Read