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State financed research commissioned by the ministries: financing, implementation and the connection with public policy analyses 

Author:Astrida Neimane


The goal of the project is to gather information on the various research commissioned by the ministries in 1998 and 1999, in order to have a base for the public policy development programme [of the Soros Foundation – Latvia]. The study addresses the key obstacles of ministry-commissioned research, and the transparency of state-financed research. The study provides data on state financing allocated to research and scientific activities and the procedure of state procurement in this respect. It offers an evaluation of the research results and its impact on policy making.

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The EU and money 3


The EU's member states are no longer all that attractive for investments, and other regions of the world are also not tempting because of the global economic decline. The economies of Central European countries, however, are continuing to develop at a more rapid pace, and Latvia, as an EU member state, could be interesting to investors. Read