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What can Latvia learn from the Slivenko case? 


The Slivenko case at the European Court of Human Rights will show us how much Latvia will pay for the international human rights documents which it ratified without reservations in the euphoria of the 1990s. Read

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The green road to democracy 


Is the process of environmental protection still moving ahead of its times in terms of democratic forms of expression, as was the case during the Latvian national awakening, or is it presently involved in a process of “putting out fires”? Latvia has begun to ratify the Aarhus Convention, which specifies that there is a need for ongoing dialogue between the state and its society when environmental issues are on the table. Read

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Do school standards conform to real life? 


In countries with a transitional economy, students have the best grasp of facts. They do less well in terms of putting those facts to use. They do worst of all when they are faced with unexpected situations. We know about this problem, and Latvia has developed a fundamentally new standard for basic education. Read

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Three wise men will not suffice 


When it comes to teaching forms and methods, we all understand that the student is supposed to be at the center of the process. That’s the theory. Practice sometimes differs. Read

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The last political Saeima election in Latvia 


The 8th Saeima election campaign in Latvia will focus on selection of a “lifestyle”. If we manage to join the West before the new Iron Curtain comes down, then politics will no more than fill the air-time between soap operas. Otherwise we will face the destiny of “Belarussification”. Read

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The small intellectual history of Latvian politics 


Latvia’s political structure has been constructed artificially. It does not include any recognizable sentiments from the populace, there is no basic leftist instinct that is rooted in the idea of social justice. The import of liberal democracy occurred during a moment of obsession, there were simply no skills in managing politics. Read

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Institutional mechanisms for promotion of accountable policy-making in Latvia: Evaluation of the Constitutional reform proposals from the perspective of political science 

Author:Janis Ikstens


The main emphasis of this research report is on the proposals to introduce direct elections fo the president and to switch to the mixed Parliamentary election system, as well as on analysis of the potential impact and effectiveness of such innovations.

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The Integration Foundation at crossroads 


Why has the Society Integration Foundation begun to distribute money without experts, awarding money to people who work in the interest spheres of members of the Foundation’s council, but not to promising projects? Next year will tell us whether the Foundation will become a functioning mechanism or just a small part of foreign policy. Read

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Black cats do not appear in the bushes 


I don’t think that it’s bad to have five ministers. On the contrary. Otherwise we would risk having the Society Intergration Foundation stricken from the state’s general understanding. If there is a suspicion that a representative of a certain sector is lobbying in favor of his own direction, then he does not take part in the relevant vote. Read

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The Co-operation of the Polish NGOs with the Media 


Ziņojums (kopsavilkums) konferencē "Veidojot pilsonisko kultūru Centrālās un Austrumeiropas valstīs",
2001. gada 19. - 21. novembrī