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Integration: Not a disaster, but the beginning of the road 


There was a hope that the problem of non-citizens would solve itself: the elderly would pass on, the young would naturalize and others would leave. But, 110,000 non-citizens are under 27 years of age. That is why we must address youth and their parents. Read

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How Democratic was the 2003 Latvian Referendum? 


It is the duty of the state to create the framework for a balanced debate, thus allowing voters to make an informed decision. This was not the case in Latvia. Read

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The Referendum and Ethnicity or Measuring Integration 


Only 16% or one-sixth of all Latvians voted against Latvia joining the European Union while over 80% of all non-Latvians voted against it, as proven by a comparison of the referendum results with the ethnic composition of Latvia’s regions. Read

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A Brand for the Nation of Latvia 11

Author:Spencer Frasher, Michael Hall, Jeremy Hildreth, Mia Sorgi;


In the summer of 2003, at the request of the Latvian Institute, researchers from Oxford University, under the guidance of branding expert Wally Olins, conducted a study to research and develop a pilot brand identity for Latvia. This is the first serious study conducted by foreign experts on Latvia’s international recognition or brand identity and its results are the first step in the process of creating a coordinated national branding campaign.

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Latgale’s “No” to the European Union – The Reasons Behind the Divide 


Residents along the border remember Soviet times with nostalgia as the time when they sold all their produce to Russia. Some of these people apparently still have some small hope that the old times will suddenly return, but the EU dashed this hope. Read

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Sobering up on both sides of the Atlantic 


Everybody concerned has learned the lessons and is going through a kind of ‘hang-over’, if you like, after the excessive emotions and divisions we had earlier in the year. On both sides of the Atlantic, I feel a sobering up. Read

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Estonia: Wise tactics or dumb luck? 


Perhaps that was the strategy of the state-sponsored campaign - to let EU-sceptics waste all their arguments before the pro-EU side seriously entered the battlefield? Read

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The EU is a Compromise of Compromises 


I think that the Convention has already shown that an enlarged EU of 25 is very different from the Union of 15 because I don’t think that most of the newcomers will be very afraid of expressing their thoughts. I don’t think that they would “use the opportunity to shut up” when France or Germany is saying something that they believe is important and the others have to follow. Read

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We Will Unite the Continent in the End! 


You are not acceding to a market, you are acceding to a political Union that is more political than 10 years ago and most likely will be more political in 10 years. If you want a political Union to function, you have to give it the institutional means to do so. If that means renouncing a couple of votes in the Council or the rotating presidency, I think that is a price worth paying. Read


Balancing priorities: Latvia’s agriculture and rural development in a European Union context 


Year: 2003
Financed by:  The Soros Foundation-Latvia; Open Society Institute Justice Initiative Program; JI; Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative; LGI
The study has been prepared as part of PROVIDUS Public Policy Fellowship Program
Language:  English, Latvian