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Obama! 7

Author:Marija Golubeva

Yes, it happened! Obama is the next President of the United States. The selfish creature that I am, I will not follow the example of other bloggers on this site and analyse why this is good for America and for the world (though it is!). Instead, I will write why I feel so good about it. Read

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Me, myself and I 4

Author:Christopher Ejugbo

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my world. A world of uniqueness and diversity. I am glad to have yet another opportunity to reach out to you all out there. The two words above probably best describe me. Uniqueness is about my desire to be original, to do things is a different way-usually the better way. It is about my willingness to be creative. Diversity is about my appreciation of versatilty. I like being informed and digging for information.

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The view from behind the wheel 7

Author:Mark Case

I am in the unfortunate, if entirely of my own making, position of spending quite a lot of time behind the wheel of a car, simply because I live in Riga and work in Jurmala. This combination does have one advantage that the drivers of cars going (or rather not going, as is more commonly the case) in the opposite direction do not have - I travel twice a day against the flow of the worst of the traffic. Needless to say, I generally feel quite smug about this, so it came as something of a shock the other day when I had to go to school and then drive straight back into town, placing myself firmly in the worst of the rush hour traffic. I was horrified at the prospect, but tried to calm my shaking hands by reminding myself that some people do this every day, and thinking about the reduced chances of fatal accidents at speeds that rarely get above twenty. In the event, the drive back into town was just - well, boring really. You sit in traffic with nowhere to go and nothing to do and watch your fellow drivers watching you. And looking around, I realised that the same is also true for the majority of other drivers: in a situation that seemed the height of frustration - to be stuck on the way to work, when people have tasks to get to and important things to do - everyone seemed to accept their fate with a calmness that was frankly astounding. In a city that is not famed for the good manners, or patience, of its drivers, it appeared that the regular morning drive had reduced all of them to the same level of dumb acceptance that one expects from sheep. Read