Edna 255x203

To Have and to Have Not 


Interview with Edna Keeble, PhD, Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s University in Canada, former member of Advisory board for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada. Read

Naudask 255x203

Controlling the Income of Individuals in Latvia 


The policy brief has been prepared as of the situation in March 2005 Read

G mangott 255x203

EU and Russia: to accuse or to help? 


Interview with Gerhard Mangott, Associate Professor at the Political Science Department, University of Innsbruck Read

Diegs ar adatu 255x203

Swedish media monitor gender balance 


"[Genuine gender equality] will be on the day I see as many silly women in boardrooms as we see silly men today." Marianne Nivert, during her time as President and CEO of Telia. Read

Plakats 255x203

Gender-based violence 


Today we live in “the gender-power order”. There are two rules by which many persons act: (1) keeping the sexes apart, and (2) the supremacy of the male standard. Read

A neimane 255x203

Simply Noting Discrimination Against Women is No Longer Sufficient 


A Review of Three Reports on Women and Political Participation from Denmark, Italy and Estonia:
The hand-bag, the witch and the blue-eyed blondes: Mass Media in (Re)Distribution of Power (PDF)
Research on governance: women and men politicians' equality (PDF)
Mass media in redistribution of power

P kamaris 255x203

The EU is not a collection of 25 national interests 

Author:Dace Akule

Interview Philippe Kamaris, former Head of the European Parliament Information Office in Riga* Read

R jensen 255x203

Democracy mobilized 

Author:Ivars Ījabs

Three weeks before the US presidential elections politika.lv interviewed Richard Jensen, professor emeritus of History, University of Illinois, Chicago Read

F fukuyama 255x203

Healing bodies instead of souls 


Interview with Dr. Francis Fukuyama, Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of International Political Economy at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University, author of the international bestseller "The End of History and the Last Man" (1992) Read

Grozini 255x203

The Client is Ready, not Universities 


Has public administration in Latvia recognized the need for policy analysis experts amd is ready to "buy" such knowledge. And are universities ready to to provide such specialists? Read