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Latvia’s Imagined Status of Exceptionalism 

Author:Ksavjē Lands

Human rights are universal, and it is not the case that each country can pick and choose among them. Read

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Don't go dirty, don't go nuclear  

Author:Rita Ruduša

Energy companies are not denying that there is a climate change, but they are in denial over their own role in it. What we need is a paradigm shift. Read

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Dangerous liaisons 

Author:Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis

De jure, we have embraced the Western tradition, which sees the state manily as a service provider, but de facto our minds are still loyal to the concept of the state conceived by Lenin, the state designed to enslave and exploit the individuals. Read

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The School: A Perfect Place for Brainwashing? 

Author:Marija Golubeva

If our schools functioned as little democracies empowering the individuals who study there and giving them a sense of equality and security there would be no need for spoon-feeding students with dogma. Read

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Futureproofing Europe 1

Author:Rita Ruduša

Today, many people use money they do not have to buy things they do not need to impress people they do not like. That, in brief, is the current consumption pattern. Read

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Jaunais Laiks: On the abyss? 

Author:Daunis Auers

Because Jaunais Laiks appears to be incapable of developing any discernible economic, social or foreign policies, it may be time for the party to return to basics and focus on Einars Repse and his almost messianic mission to fight graft. Read

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Is There any Good Argument Against Homosexuality? 

Author:Ksavjē Lands

Issuing a moral statement - X is bad, Y is good - does not provide any justification, especially in open and diverse societies. We need more. Read

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Taking Workplace Democracy Seriously 


It is now time to consider seriously the extension of democracy beyond state institutions. And this implies at the very least a careful examination of whether disenfranchised groups in firms, churches or political parties have not been excluded for reasons that are totally inconclusive. Read

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Why Ethics Matters 1

Author:Ksavjē Lands

History has constantly taught us that deceiving people about democracy is perhaps one of the most harmful political calculi ever made. Read

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The role of an "e" in advancing democracy 

Author:Krista Baumane

The "e" can make the government better by bringing in the greatest resource the government has, and that is the public. Read