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Book Publication: Is Europe Facing a Democracy Crisis? 

Author:Rasmuss Filips Geks

The European Union has a democracy problem. The polycrisis that has plagued the EU for years has led to a cacophony of voices calling for fundamental change to the integration project. Yet despite the shock of the Brexit referendum and the electoral upsets caused by nativist parties across the continent, few of the plans for EU reform include concrete proposals to address the perennial democratic deficit. Read

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“Do-tank”, not “think-tank” 

Author:Lolita Čigāne

Every week, if not every day somebody questions whether or not we should be working in a particular area. It happens for different reasons. One is, that an independent non-profit organization working on an issue without having kind of political affiliation is very threatening for the people who have a prominent role in those areas. Read

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Academic homework for development cooperation 


Even though the overall situation in the academic sector is gradually improving, the current ability to offer educational programs does not yet meet Latvian ambition to provide expertise to developing countries. Besides, there is a homework due – participation in efficient development cooperation policy mechanism development. Read

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The cynical optimists 


Georgia is facing such a serious challenge, we will go mad if we'll take it all too seriously! We are not going to be a viable nation if we are not going to be a democratic state. This is a matter of survival. Read

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Living on the edge 


I was in the jail for the first time in 1963, when the Baath party came to power. I was a high school student that time. Jails were full; therefore we were imprisoned in a sport club. We were thrown in a training room for boxing. It was very cold there so we used to sleep on wooden boxing platforms; at least it was warmer there. Whenever I see wooden floors here in Latvia, it makes me to remember that place. Read

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Development cooperation – business not just foreign policy 


Latvian transition from centralized to free market economy has taken place very recently and Latvian experience is a kind of service that could be sold to other countries. What is the role of the private sector in development cooperation, what are the aces in our hands and are we able to make a good game on those – this is the focus of the discussion among cooperation policy makers and representatives from the private sector taking part in building the policy. Read

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How is Latvia strengthening the stability of the near-by region? 


Expertise of the professionals and their practical experience are instruments that Latvia may put to use to promote the stability and development of the near-by region hence strengthening the impact of the country internationally which is an important objective in Latvian foreign policy. Read

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“I have a dream” - 2 


Interview with Jeremy Rifkin Read

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Europe: Quiet, frightened, worse functioning 


Interview with Robert Cottrell, Central Europe Correspondent of The Economist Read

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Development Co-operation in Latvia - Public Awareness and Development Studies 


A round table discussion on development cooperation - assistance that Latvia could give to less developed countries and countries in transition period - brought together different stakeholders: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Saeima, NGO representatives, academic sector and International organization’s representatives to discuss how to coordinate the agenda setting and implementation of the Latvian Development Cooperation Policy. This discussion is the first event in a series of planned discussions on different aspects of the Latvian Development Cooperation Policy. Read

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To Have and to Have Not 


Interview with Edna Keeble, PhD, Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s University in Canada, former member of Advisory board for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada. Read