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Supporting children 5

Author:Sanita Sīle, Ilona Kronberga

PROVIDUS' research reflecting project results on innovative working methods for reducing risks provoked by antisocial behaviour in children. Read

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Hush-Hush Legislation 

Author:Rita Ruduša

I would like to hear a promise that no laws, which regulate KNAB operations, will be amended behind the agency's back. I want to make sure that never is there a situation in which a law is adopted today and has to be implemented tomorrow, but no one has informed us, no one has consulted with us. Read

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A “complex approach” to state capture 

Author:Līga Stafecka

However, the Saeima recently approved People`s Party proposals to the law on financing political organizations (parties), which contain absolutely nothing of the promised "complex approach". Read

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Police, Please Open Up! 

Author:Inese Avota, Ilze Dzenovska

Latvia is not rich enough to keep pouring money into the torn pockets of the police. We must take the measurements. Cut the cloth. And sew a new suit. Read

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Transparency - the Real Key to Effective Lobbying 

Author:Valts Kalniņš

The whole objective of what we would call “legitimate lobbying” is to exercise democratic rights in a transparent and open way. If you once offer or accept bribes or any incentive then that is a criminal offence rather than lobbying. Read

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Korupcijas uztveres indekss 2005 


KUI ir analītisks indekss, kura rezultāti 2005. gadā iegūti apkopojot desmit neatkarīgu institūciju 16 aptaujas. Transparency International sastāda KUI jau kopš 1995. gada, un tas sarindo valstis augošā secībā atkarībā no tā, cik lielā mērā valstī tiek uzskatīts, ka korupcija ir izplatīta ierēdniecībā un politikā. Aptaujās ir apkopoti plašākas sabiedrības, uzņēmēju un analītiķu sniegtie atzinumi. Valstīs, kas iekļautas rangu tabulā, ir notikušas vismaz trīs aptaujas. Latvijas novērtējuma veidošanā 2005. gada indeksā izmantotas septiņas aptaujas. 2005. gadā Latvija saņēmusi 4,2 punktu vērtējumu pēc 10 ballu skalas, kas ir uzlabojums par 0,2 punktiem salīdzinājumā ar 2004. gadu. Read

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Controlling the Income of Individuals in Latvia 


The policy brief has been prepared as of the situation in March 2005 Read

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In the Shadow of the Big Fish 


We want to catch a big fish just as much as society wants us to, so that we could put it on a banner as our achievement. We have to be ready for the fact that sometimes long and difficult work will end with nothing. Read


Political Corruption Can Be Reduced 


Money is not bad in and of itself as a requirement in the political world. But, the system must control this money; otherwise, the money may control the system. Read

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I’m Not Interested in Difficulties, I’m Interested in Results 


It was always my recommendation that the BPCC’s director must be an expatriate - not just the director, but also the senior managers. This director should lead the bureau for at least the first 3 years in order to train the personnel. Read

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Many believe corruption saved Russia 


Bureaucrats in Russia see the opportunities of the market economy: opportunities of regulation, influence and corruption. This corruption involves a very strange phenomenon - it is not a problem of state-capture, but of business-capture, where the state is capturing business. Read