Conference "The 5-year lessons of managing asylum in Europe: How to implement a successful integration strategy" 


The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) is a six-years long transnational project which aims to prepare key actors in the integration field in 15 EU Member States to better face the current challenges and improve the integration outcomes of beneficiaries of international protection. Conflict situations tend to last longer, and it takes currently on average 17 years, before refugees fleeing civil wars may eventually have a chance to return to their home country. Hence, the long-term integration of newly arrived beneficiaries of international protection is without alternative and presents an immediate challenge for European societies. Read


Alternative Civil Enculturation Political Disenchantment and Civic Attitudes in Minority Schools in Estonia, Latvia, and Slovakia 1


The article investigates the ways in which minority schools in Latvia, Estonia, and Slovakia resist the dominant narratives of nation and citizenship and provide an alternative model of civil enculturation for students.



Inclusion Unaffordable? The Uncertain Fate of Integration Policies in Europe 

Author:Marija Golubeva, Iveta Kažoka et al

Raksti, kas tapuši pēc konferences ‘Inclusion Unaffordable? The Uncertain fate of Integration Policies in Europe'. Read


Divided Education, Divided Citizens? A comparative study of the effects of separate schooling on civil enculturation 

Author:Maria Golubeva Stephen Powell Elmina Kazimzade Anca Nedelcu

PROVIDUS piedalījās starptautiskā pētījumā "Divided Education, Divided Citizens?", kura mērķis bija izpētīt skolu etniskā/ lingvistiskā dalījuma ietekmi uz skolēnu un skolotāju pilsonisko izglītību 8 valstīs, kur pastāv dalīta skolu sistēma (Igaunija, Latvija, Rumānija, Slovākija, Kosova, Bosnija, Kazahstāna, Tadžikistāna).


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Taking child abuse seriously 

Author:Mark Case

However unpleasant it is to have to consider child abuse as a possibility, I do believe that schools need child safety professionals, as children need social services who will watch them carefully and deserve police forces that will take abuse seriously. Read

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Crime and Punishment. Or simply PR?  

Author:Ilona Kronberga

If we continue dealing with crime by the means of impulsive repression and empty rhetoric, we may end up in the world where an individual citizen is forced to take care of his own security and keeps firearms instead of firewood in his shed. Read

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Love, Marriage and Ministry of Foreign Affairs  7


t turns out that love is not a good enough reason for marriage. What is then? “Long-term relationship,” a Foreign Ministry official informed me. Read

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Neither Multiculturalism, nor Nationalism 

Author:Ksavjē Lands

In a context of growing social inequalities, there are more urgent and important tasks than trying to preserve or enforce national or minority culture. Read

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Learning to welcome. The integration of immigrants in Latvia and Poland 

Author: Dace Akule, Rita Kasa, Iveta Kesane, Thomas Huddleston, Mirosław Bieniecki, Piotr Kaźmierkiewicz

This publication includes research about the legislation that influences the integration of immigrants – labour market access, family reunification conditions, anti-discrimination, political participation. Read

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He Died. Because We Failed To Protect Him 

Author:Dita Arāja

Until the relevant political officials find a way of protecting children in a preventive way, we will continue to lose children from time to time. Read

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Latvia’s Imagined Status of Exceptionalism 

Author:Ksavjē Lands

Human rights are universal, and it is not the case that each country can pick and choose among them. Read