How can European Affairs Committees be strengthened?  

Author:Iveta Kažoka, Sintija Tarasova

A book chapter on European Affairs Committees written by two Providus' researchers is published in 'Deliberative Democracy in the EU: Countering Populism with Participation and Debate'. The book is part of the Towards a Citizens’ Union (2CU) project co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme. It is the product of collaboration with 20 renowned think tanks from the European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN). This third and final volume follows the first two in the series, Direct Democracy in the EU: The Myth of a Citizens’ Union, and Representative Democracy in the EU: Recovering Legitimacy. Read


Report "Examples of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia" 


The purpose of the report is to identify the most commonly used forms of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia, which the municipality and/or the residents have found to be successful and which could encourage both the municipalities and the local communities to seek successful ways for cooperation and involvement in their territories. Read

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Conference "NDP2027: On our way to Nordic social policy" 


The think tank Providus along with the Friedrich Ebert foundation invites you to the conference “NDP2027: on our way to Nordic social policy?” on October 16th. The aim of the conference is to contribute to the public consultation process launched as part of the National Development Plan (NDP) 2021-2027. Decision-makers, experts as well as the general public will evaluate key proposals of the first draft of the NDP.

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Conference "Public Engagement in Local Municipalities: Development and Innovations in Latvia and Europe" 


On October 18th, 2019 the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS supported by the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in Riga and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development is organising a conference on citizen engagement and participatory budgeting "Public Engagement in Local Municipalities: Development and Innovations in Latvia and Europe".

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Book Publication: Is Europe Facing a Democracy Crisis? 

Author:Rasmuss Filips Geks

The European Union has a democracy problem. The polycrisis that has plagued the EU for years has led to a cacophony of voices calling for fundamental change to the integration project. Yet despite the shock of the Brexit referendum and the electoral upsets caused by nativist parties across the continent, few of the plans for EU reform include concrete proposals to address the perennial democratic deficit. Read

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Report on citizens' consultations on Europe in Latvia  


A report on citizens' consultations on Europe in Latvia created by the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS and Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL). Read

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Study overview: Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU (2018) 


We are proud to have contributed to the Bertelsmann Stiftung's study: Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU (2018). Read

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First example of participatory budgeting on the national level 


After a decade of regional level participatory budgeting event that started in 2008, Portugal is currently developing its first participatory budgeting (hereafter PB) project on a national scale. The initiative is called Participatory Budgeting Portugal (PBP). Read

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Lively debate on universal basic income 


Is it time for the social security policy to change? Is the universal basic income a good way to replace the benefit system? Is it not going to create an even bigger gap between the poor and the rich? Can universal basic income promote job mobility and encourage people to acquire new skills? Is it a solution for the shrinking job market due to the development of the artificial intelligence? What is the international experience?

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Discussion "Development of Digital Skills – The Road to a More Inclusive and Diverse Labour Market?" 


90% of future workplaces will require digital skills, but nearly half of Latvia's population do not have sufficient skills in this area. What are the existing policy initiatives and practices to promote learning of digital skills? How do employers ensure that their employees have the appropriate level of knowledge? How can the development of these skills foster the growth of Latvia's economy and create a more inclusive and diverse labour market? o employment practices and regulations need to change to keep pace with digitalisation and modern business models? Read

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Summary of Ideas: how to Facilitate Citizen Engagement? 


Summary of ideas from the regional conference "Best practices of citizen engagement in the Baltic Sea region". Read