Discussion "Development of Digital Skills – The Road to a More Inclusive and Diverse Labour Market?" 


90% of future workplaces will require digital skills, but nearly half of Latvia's population do not have sufficient skills in this area. What are the existing policy initiatives and practices to promote learning of digital skills? How do employers ensure that their employees have the appropriate level of knowledge? How can the development of these skills foster the growth of Latvia's economy and create a more inclusive and diverse labour market? o employment practices and regulations need to change to keep pace with digitalisation and modern business models? Read


Parliamentary elections in Latvia 2010 


Raksts "Parliamentary elections in Latvia: Victory Celebrations will be Short as Austerity Measures Should be Introduced Quickly" ieskicē 2010.gada 2.oktobra Saeimas vēlēšanu rezultātus un to nozīmi Latvijas politiskās vides attīstībā.