Marta Rikša

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PROVIDUS’ policy analyst in the areas of migration and democratic participation. Marta’s work includes discriminatory discourse analysis in the parliament, as well as a project on participation patterns of Latvians abroad in Ireland. Marta is also responsible for interns at PROVIDUS, together with whom they work on analysing innovative tools for democratic participation for the blog Re:Imagining Democracy.


Before joining PROVIDUS Marta worked as a research assistant on projects covering the return of Eastern European diaspora to the political life of their home country, changes in parliamentary rules of procedure in Europe, as well as the implementation of the EU Directive on Data Protection in Latvia. Marta holds a master's degree in political science from the University of Oxford.


Selected publications

Marta Riksa (2014) Deliberative Polling


Marta Riksa (2014) The business savvy changemakers



Marta Riksa (2014) Reconciling work and family in Europe: A long way to go. 

Marta Riksa (2013) Welcome aboard? The EU women quota for boardrooms

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Do Mobile Citizens Engage? 

Author:Marta Riksa, Marija Golubeva

A new report on the engagement of Baltic and Polish citizens in Irish political life. Read


Asylum seekers in Latvia 

Author:Marta Riksa, Marija Golubeva

Background paper including unique data from October and November 2015 about asylum seekers currently staying or having already left the Mucenieki centre for asylum seekers in Latvia. Read



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