Līga Stafecka


Liga Stafecka is PROVIDUS leading researcher in the fields of good governance and anti-corruption with more than 8 years’ experience. She joined PROVIDUS team in October 2016. Liga has authored a number of policy studies, research and publications on such issues as transparency of the Parliament of Latvia, democracy of political parties, corruption risks in Riga city council as well as work of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau. Liga has extensive training experience on democracy and corruption impact in Latvia as well as international training experience on the corruption risk evaluation methodology for public officials.

Previously Liga has worked as a freelance consultant, from 2004 – 2012 was senior policy analyst in Transparency International Latvia. Liga has Master’s degree in political science from University of Latvia.


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A “complex approach” to state capture 

Author:Līga Stafecka

However, the Saeima recently approved People`s Party proposals to the law on financing political organizations (parties), which contain absolutely nothing of the promised "complex approach". Read