Krista Baumane

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Director of PROVIDUS since 1 September 2016. Krista is one of the founding members of the organisation and an employee from 2002 till 2010. She launched the public policy website and later worked as the Development Director of PROVIDUS, mostly with fundraising and international cooperation.


In 2001, within the auspices of the Soros foundation-Latvia, Krista was in charge of creating the public policy website – an interactive online tool for the policy community and the public to discuss and influence policy agenda. She launched a number of innovative initiatives, such as online public consultations of the National Development Plan and an interactive questionnaire Try On A Party! before the general elections. At the invitation of international organisations she shared that experience with other countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgizstan, Tajikistan and Moldova. Krista actively supported NGO participation in development cooperation, serving on the Board (also as Chair) of the Latvian National Development Cooperation Platform.


Before, Krista has worked at the NGO Centre, National Human Rights Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She studied Political Science at the University of Latvia and Business Administration at the International University in Geneva, Switzerland.


In 2010 Krista created one of the first food blogs in Latvia. She has published articles on food and lifestyle in major Latvian print media, served as a speaker on contemporary hospitality trends for regional tourism industry events and taught cooking classes. In 2015, Krista was invited to be an ambassador of the promotional campaign for organic farming in Latvia and hosted a TV series “Ediena daba” (the Nature of Food).