Ilona Kronberga


PROVIDUS’ associated Policy Analyst and a leading Latvian expert on criminal sanctions, penal systems and prevention of crime. Ilona has long-standing experience in policy planning and legal drafting related to enforcement of criminal sanctions, including policies on probation, community service and other alternative sanctions in Latvia. Since January 2016 Ilona works at the State Chancellery.


From 2007 until 2016 Ilona was criminal justice policy researcher and project director at PROVIDUS. She has also been an adviser to the Minister of Justice. Since 1998, she has been a lecturer on criminal sanctions’ implementation at the University of Latvia. Ilona has a master degree in law from the Police Academy of Latvia.


Selected publications


Ilona Kronberga, Sanita Sīle, Indra Mangule (2013) Restorative Justice in Latvia: Advancement, Perspectives and Challenges in Future. PROVIDUS.  


Ilona Kronberga, Gatis Litvins, Agnese Lešinska, Sanita Sile (2012). Reglamentation of social safety operational measures in European Union. PROVIDUS 


Ilona Kronberga, Jean Zermatten (2012) Child-friendly Justice in Latvia: Focusing on Crime Prevention.    


Selected projects



Reducing prison population: advanced tools of justice in Europe. Supported by: Criminal Justice programme of the European Union. Role in the project: project director.



Reducing youth at risk numbers: modelling early childhood intervention approaches. Supported by Supported via the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area and Norway. Role in the project: project director.



Keeping Youth Away from Crime: Searching for Best European Practices. Supported by: Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union. Role in the project: project director.



Support for Victims of Crime: Substantial or Nominal. Latvia and Beyond. Supported by: Criminal Justice programme of the European Union. Role in the project: project director and researcher.



Supporting children 5

Author:Sanita Sīle, Ilona Kronberga

PROVIDUS' research reflecting project results on innovative working methods for reducing risks provoked by antisocial behaviour in children. Read


Keeping Youth Away from Crime. Searching for Best European Practices 3

Author:Sanita Sīle, Ilona Kronberga

A study on the legal framework of juvenile justice systems in 10 European countries, with an insight on how the tools and approaches foreseen in law work in practice. Read

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Long term training strategy for Latvia’s prosecutors 4

Author:Ilona Kronberga, Aija Tūna et al

The handbook offers an overview of the current situation and recommendations for a systemic professional life-long learning system for Latvia’s prosecutors. Read

Giljotina 255x203

Crime and Punishment. Or simply PR?  

Author:Ilona Kronberga

If we continue dealing with crime by the means of impulsive repression and empty rhetoric, we may end up in the world where an individual citizen is forced to take care of his own security and keeps firearms instead of firewood in his shed. Read



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Selected Publications
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Sabiedriskās drošības piespiedu līdzekļu reglamentējums Eiropas Savienībā Author: Ilona Kronberga, Gatis Litvins, Agnese Lešinska, Sanita Sīle