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Integration of society in the work place

  • Projekta norises laiks: 01.03.2018 - 12.11.2018
  • Projekta izmaksas: 6970,00 EUR
  • Finansētājs: Rīgas dome
  • Kontaktpersona: Agnese Lāce

Currently there are roundabout 50 000 nationals of other countries in Riga. Although the precise number is unknown many of them are working or might be in doing so the future. Therefore, with the growing number of workers from different countries it is important to promote intercultural dialogue in the workplace and in the municipality as a whole. Often the employers are the first direct supporters of the integration process.

During conversations, employers admit that there is a need for a targeted integration activities that respond to their specific needs and aim at participation and voluntary involvement. Also the employers currently do not have information on best practices in the field of integration of nationals of other countries in Riga, Latvia or elsewhere in the world, and there has not been an exchange of opinions on this matter.

This project aims to survey the existing practices in Riga and develop a methodological material including the examples of best practices, concerns of the employers and employees during the integration process, as well as possible responses to them. In the conclusion of the project a seminar will be organised where information on the prepared material will be shared with the employers and municipality representatives and the debate on the integration issues in the work environment will take place.

The project is co-finansed in the framework of the Society integration programme by the Riga municipality Education, culture and sports department.