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Report on organized crime in the European Union

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  • Organization:Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS; Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria); RAND Europe (UK); the University of Trento (Italy)
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How effective are criminal law measures targetting organized crime? A study commissioned by the European Commission, with the involvement of PROVIDUS.

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In 2013-2014 PROVIDUS in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria), RAND Europe (UK) and the University of Trento (Italy) carried out a study on paving the way for future policy initiatives in the field of fight against organized crime – effectiveness of specific criminal law measures targeting organized crime by the European Commission, Directorate General Home Affairs.

The aim of the study was to assess the impact of the Framework Decision 2008/841/JHA on the fight against organised crime and other relevant EU and national legislation on the fight against organized crime. The study also aimed to provide a comparative analysis of criminal law, investigative tools and measures used at the national level for the purpose of fighting organized crime.

PROVIDUS would like to thank all specialists who supported the development of the study in part of Latvia - Indra Gratkovska (Ministry of Justice), Jānis Ivančiks (University of Latvia), Gita Miruškina (Shelter „Safe House”), Pāvels Gruziņš (Supreme Court), Edgars Strautmanis (the State Police), Aleksandra Tukiša (the State Police) and Aivars Bergmanis (Public Prosecutors’ Office).