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Outstanding problems of restorative justice, perspective solutions within the European Union. Research on „Mechanisms of the victim compensation in criminal proceedings in EU” (TM/2012/34/EK)

  • Projekta norises laiks: 14.09.2012 - 01.03.2013
  • Projekta izmaksas: 20 812,00 LVL
  • Finansētājs: With financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union
  • Kontaktpersona: Ilona Kronberga

The priorities of the project are

  1. supporting victims of crime, and
  2. networking and exchange of best practice among practitioners, including on procedural rights and restorative justice.

The overall objective of the project is to execute and promote knowledge on the recent developments in the European Union. The adoption of the Lisbon Treaty and the abolishment of the third pillar consequently have brought significant changes in the criminal law of each EU Member State.


PROVIDUS task within this project was to carry out the research "Development of compensation mechanisms in Latvia" and the research "Reglamentation of social safety operational measures in European Union".

The activity aims at by using the best practices and experiences of other EU Member States to substantially improve systems on rights of victims within the states where the research will be carried out to claim the compensations in criminal proceedings as the activity will be implemented in several EU Member States. The research is closely connected to the priorities set up by Stockholm program. In Baltic States there are no extensive researches carried out about legislation of other EU Member States on the compensation of victims as the system of compensation during criminal proceedings is relatively new (2006). For example in Latvia, availability for victims to receive compensation varies in each case. The research will be the basis for improving regulation on compensation of victims within states where certain system of compensation during criminal proceedings hasn’t established.

Research "Development of compensation mechanisms in Latvia".


ES logo.JPG  Logo LV.jpg   The research is co-financed from the Project No. JUST/2010/JPEN/AG/1546 “Current Problems of Restorative Justice, Solution Prospects in European Union” of the European Commission Special Program “Criminal Law”.

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia is responsible for the contents of the Research and the European Commission does not accept the responsibility for the included information.