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Independent public policy analyses in Latvia

  • Author:Astrida Neimane, Ivars Indans
  • Organization:the Soros Foundation - Latvia
  • Year:2001
  • Language:Latvian, English


The main goal of the study is to evaluate public policy analysis and institutions in Latvia and to offer solutions for the promotion and development of policy analysis. Based on interviews with representatives of research institutions and ministries commissioning research, as well as experience in other countries, the authors define independent policy analysis, development trends and make recommendations regarding the possible development of policy analysis in Latvia.


Main conclusions:
In Latvia policy-making is a closed process, the public is not informed about policy making and thereby the level of political debate is very low. To alter the current situation, one option is to strengthen those research institutions successfully operating in their areas. The second option is to establish a new research institution to deal with policy analysis. The research of policy analysis must have a link to and influence on the policy process in the country. Therefore for successful policy analyses it is essential to have influence on political institutions, public relations, financial resources and research capacities.

Independent public policy analyses in Latvia

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