Party Finance: Latvian Experience in a Global Context

  • Autors:Janis Ikstens, Daniel Smilov, Marcin Walecki, Visvaldis Valtenbergs, Lolita Cigane
  • Organizācija:Baltic Institute of Social Sciences
  • Gads:2003
  • Valoda:Latvian


The Baltic Institute of Social Sciences has published the collection of articles “Party Finance: Latvian Experience in a Global Context,” edited by Janis Ikstens. This collection analyses the evolution of party financing from several angles, giving special attention to the situation in Latvia.

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The collection contains studies by Janis Ikstens, Daniel Smilov, and Marcin Walecki about political party and campaign financing in Eastern Europe. The studies analyse national lawmaking and problems in the chosen mechanism of financing.

In his study, Visvaldis Valtenbergs analyses the party financing system’s influence on corruption in democratic regimes.

Janis Ikstens examines the problems in and alternatives to party financing in Latvia, but Lolita Cigane writes about how political parties use their allocated finances.

The studies’ publication was financed by the U.S. Council of Democracy.

Party Finance: Latvian Experience in a Global Context

Introduction. Janis Ikstens, Daniel Smilov, Marcin Walecki "Campaign Financing in the Eastern Europe" (Latvian, PDF, 327 KB)

Visvaldis Valtenbergs "Does public financing of parties facilitate fighting corruption?" (Latvian, PDF, 189 KB)

Janis Ikstens "Party financing in Latvia: problems and alternatives" (Latvian, PDF, 236 KB)

Lolita Cigane "Monitoring of party financing by civil society" (Latvian, PDF, 281KB)

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