Improving juvenile justice systems in Europe: Training for professionals

  • Projekta norises laiks: 02.03.2015. - 27.02.2017.
  • Projekta izmaksas: EUR 11 916,96
  • Finansētājs: With financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union
  • Kontaktpersonas: Ilona Kronberga, Sanita Sīle

In 1978, the Council of Europe published a resolution on ‘the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the social integration of the young’. Since then, despite over ten recommendations relating to youth justice by the CoE, few concerted attempts have been made to meet them. Many EU countries do not fully implement the youth justice standards, the situation becomes all the more concerning during a time of economic turmoil. The UNCRC frequently expresses its concern that international standards on youth justice have not been fully implemented at EU level. Indications exist suggesting that the majority of European countries do not have a clear picture of the extent to which they are training their staff on juvenile justice standards and communication with children.

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The project "Improving juvenile justice in Europe: training for professionals" intends to provide, at a EU level, information, knowledge and training to juvenile justice national authorities and staff working with juvenile offenders, to promote a better implementation of international standards concerning children in conflict with the law. The project is based on the recommendations of the IJJO White Paper on "Improving youth justice systems during a time of economic crisis" .

The main activities of the project:

- Creation of a training toolkit and a manual drafted by a group of experts on juvenile justice and children's rights. A focus-group will be organised with children in conflict with the law in order to identify their needs and create case-management stories (communication with children, and gender perspective, etc).
- National workshops organised by project partners for practitioners and professionals dealing with children in residential care or detention. These workshops will focus on the priorities developed in the IJJO White paper (prevention, diversion, community sanctions and detention as last resort) respecting the principles of interdisciplinarity and child participation.
- Evaluation of the training sessions and adaptation of the toolkit and the manual on an online course through the IJJO e-learning Platform (International School of Juvenile Justice).
- Final conference in Brussels to present the results of the project.

Specific project expected outputs:

- results of an online survey of needs in the field of training
- compendium of promising practices on training and juvenile justice programme
- a focus group with children in contact with the juvenile justice system
- production of a toolkit and a manual
- training of trainers in Brussels
- national workshop for stakeholders and professionals
- creation of a national coalition group on juvenile justice
- online training
- final conference in Brussels to present the results of the project.
- final evaluation

Other general expected results:

- to enhance of cooperation among public and private stakeholders operating in the field;
- to promote the horizontal and vertical dissemination and mainstreaming of good practices
- to strengthen national and European networks
- to impact both on policies and practices through dissemination of identified good practices to enhance already existing measures
- to promote and develop coordination, cooperation and mutual understanding of juvenile justice training among key actors

International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Brussels, Belgium) -

- Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS (Latvia) –
- Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (Vienna, Austria) -
- Hope for Children - UNCR Policy Centre (Cyprus) -
- Rubikon Centrum (Czech Republic) -
- Association Diagrama (France) -
- Greek Ministry of Justice (Greece) -
- Istituto Don Calabria (Italy) -
- Portuguese Ministry of Justice (Portugal) -
- Fundación Diagrama (Spain) -
- Include Youth (N.I., United Kingdom) -
- Finish Forum for Mediation (Finland) -
- The University of Cork (Ireland) -

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